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I thought I would write another entry for my big fan (Suzanne's "recently became gay" friend). He is apparently one of my biggest fans. He is such a big fan that he keeps sending me his favorite entries and threatening to take me to court with them. He is upset and hurt that I have referred to him as a douche bag. The man makes my daughter miserable for a year and a half, and is upset that I call him a douche bag. You would think a guy like that would be used to much worse.

Most of the time he rarely enters my mind, but he seems to like the attention. So this entry is dedicated to my biggest fan. The rest of my entries will be friends only, but only because I think my silence will eat him from the inside out.

My daughter's court case went well. I give Suzanne credit for changing her mind at the last moment and not taking out her anger with me on our daughter. She was rather well prepared to make things difficult. Armed with e-mails and my livejournal, she was going to somehow twist it into "I am going to get your daughter to get at you" kind of thing. Still, at the last second she changed her mind, and I do thank her for that. My daughter just has to get some anger management training and everything will go away. I am really interested in that whole process, like how do they teach that. Is there a person that pisses people off, and they teach them how to deal with it. Can I get that job? I wanna be a professional anger inducer. My daughter says I would be perfect for the job, even legendary. All I can say is that I was taught by the best, my dad.

The real estate business has been going well. Well, my dad at least has been doing well. I am slowly getting things started, but I am impatient. I want an empire of moderately priced rentals. I will rule over them with an iron fist. I will be king landlord. Okay, not really, but I am still going to wear the silly crown.

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Dearest JP's biggest fan,

I know you think that by emailing him and "threatening" him, it will upset him and oh no perhaps....scare him. But you see you are dead wrong. It is doing nothing but providing good humor and lots of laughs.

How can you not laugh at an asshat who is supposedly "homosexual" and moves in to someones house and lives scott free (off of your girlfriends ex-husbands alimony payments) without a job in the bed he previously slept in, petting his dogs and acting like you are the "man of the house"? Really? How does that make sense to you to come in and "play Dad" and then after a year and a half be instrumental in kicking out your girlfriends daughter from HER house? No morals I suppose. Seems to me you are a user and abuser and the more you egg on JP by stalking him, the more clear this becomes.

Kudo's to Suzanne for realizing this was not about you or her....it was about your daughter. I'm glad she can now push through the next two months and move on with her life. She is lucky to have a great Dad to help her through all of this.

What I don't understand is how Suzanne let all of this happen with regards to this dude?

Just sayin......

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