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Lesson learned….never buy a Honda

My girl’s pop owns a Honda Accord, and he had some work done to it by a friend who left the battery cables off it for a while. It’s the redneck way of clearing an error code.

Honda likes to fuck its customers through the radio. On most Hondas, the keyless entry and alarm system are wired through the radio. This means that you can’t just replace their shitty radio with something that doesn’t sound like a pregnant tin can shitting its brains out through your ear hole. You have to wire the new radio through the fucking old one.

When my girl’s pop got his car up and running again, the radio would not work. All it would say was code 1, until you fucked with it, then it would say code 2, until you kept fucking with it and it said code e.

It seems that Honda decided that their radio was so important that they programmed a lock on the radio, so that when it lost power it requires a certain key be entered before it will work again. Yeah, they took the most worthless thing on the car and put an anti-theft feature on it. The code is included with the car, unless you bought it used like he did.

Or you can clear the code by unplugging and replugging the battery, find the serial number of your radio by turning it off and turning it back on while holding the 1 and 6 key, and call honda to get the unlock code.

Really Honda? Why not just kick your customers in the teeth every time they buy one of your fucking cars. Maybe you can put a fucking dildo on the seat so your customers can go fuck themselves, since you hate them so much.

None of that worked by the way. I can clear the code e from his radio, but it wont respond to holding down the 1 and 6 key. He is going to try and bring the car to the dealer.

Lesson learned….never buy a Honda. They are assholes.

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