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Harold and the Pirates: Nature of the Universe

We see time as a stream of events. It  flows, and we are the stone in the stream.

Have you ever watched a movie frame by frame. We know that movies work by running the frames together quickly enough to fool our brains into thinking there is only one continuous action, instead of many singular events.

Space time appears as an endless stream of movement. What if the nature of existence was that our entire universe is a series of slices all frozen still. We exist forever within an infinitely divisible set of individual space times. The entire life span of the universe exists right now, both past and present.

Space time itself is not constant. It can be stretched thin or compressed into a singularity. It is acted upon by gravity. Gravity is a universal force which interacts across time and the multi verse.

When enough mass coalesces into a single point, the resulting singularity drops matter and space time into what will become another universe. The big bang is the very beginning of this process.

Dark Matter are areas where there are intense gravitational pockets. These pockets are caused by massive objects of an adjacent universe, where the mass is intense enough to effect the other universe across space time. It is in these areas that space time can be compressed, so much so that it can in places become become more uniform. The individual slices of space time become glued together like the pages of a book. The entire span of space time for that universe exists as a single compressed strand.

The universe ends when it’s expansion stops. It’s expansion is powered by its initial drop into existence. The resulting explosion of space time causes it to form. Gravity acts against this process as a weak but persistent force. Over time the universe collapses back into a singularity, starting the process again.

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