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Harold and the Pirates: Nature of the Gravity Drive

Gravity is an efficient form of interstellar propulsion. It is currently being applied using sling shot orbits around interstellar masses. This process utilizes only a small amount of fuel and can propel a craft accurately through the visible universe.

It cannot be piloted well through the non-visible universe. This is the portion of the universe that exists beyond our telescopes, due to the limitations of the speed of light and objects that are difficult to see, because they emit little to no radiation and have little to no gravitational effects on the universe around them. Another limitation of interstellar travel is that current technology can only travel at best a small fraction of light speeds.

A gravity drive can be constructed using a super dense and super massive ball of protons. This super dense material is held in a plasma by a magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are generated through the use of anti-protons.

The ship travels by falling towards the dense ball of protons and as it falls the anti-proton field pushes the ball away. The super massive field bends space time causing it to compress in front of it and stretch behind it.

The result is a space drive that allows a craft to travel many times the speed of light in relation to space around it.

It is important to note that one mustn’t mix the two proton types.

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