JP (jp7) wrote,

Dead people slow down

The post office lost my ex’s alimony, and this makes me smile.

My ex’s boyfriend got a job. It was from one of those animal wrangler type companies, when you are too dumb to get a pest control license.

I’ve been busy. It’s a fun busy. We started a handyman business, which is going well. We just won a proposal to manage a website for our management business, and I am in the process of renovating an apartment building for the real estate business. I am also writing a comic called Harold and the Pirates, or if you are a super fan, HATP. I have big plans for that comic. I am going to be an internet star, even though I am too old and not good looking. I am going to hire a kid to pretend to be me, only cooler with a better hair style. I need a hipster that still uses Livejournal, but does so ironically because now the latest social media is to just write shit on bricks and throw them at people. They are special bricks that only take five characters and use bluetooth to connect to each other via the wall. They aren’t available for sale yet, but you can give money to their kick starter and get a great deal at $100.00 dollars a brick. Early adopters get special yellow bricks, which are cooler than the red bricks everyone else is going to have.


And I am learning to play classical guitar. My cats “the boys” are critical but fair. They hate it, but I am learning the D string, learning the D we call it. I think they will be happy with me once I stop singing along with the music. I am never going to stop singing.

This is what happens when you give me too much time and space. I seem to fill it. I don’t like slowing down. Dead people slow down.

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