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JPs Journal


12 January 1970
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I am the ape man

I am the Walrus

I am a ninja by trade. The clans like me because I am good with a bow staff. Most off my writing is about defending the black order but is cleverly disguised as boring relationship problems, crappy stories, and constant whining. You have to be in a Vulcan mind meld to understand the true meaning and old enough to know what a Vulcan mind meld is.

Do not add me if you do not like frequent friends cuts. I cut friends so often that I have locked myself out of my own journal. It is currently being written by a young Swedish boy in Ecuador.

Do not add me if you do not follow my political ideologies. These ideologies change daily and there will be a quiz at the end of the day.

I will frequently post about the soul crushing boredom that is my life. I do this so that you will feel better about your soul crushing dull life.

I frequently write about my political exploits, but I don’t think that the president reads them. I hear that he doesn’t ever read the stuff people put in front of him.

I will often post naked pictures of myself, even though people have asked me to stop.

I have a gallery of stolen Icons but I give credit for them.

I comment often in journals and I have even gotten a few restraining orders.

So add me today..

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